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Pride and Tradition: The Nittany Lion’s Journey Through Time



As we celebrate the 119th birthday of Penn State’s cherished Nittany Lion, it’s time to reflect on the mascot’s captivating journey. From a witty retort on a baseball field to the iconic symbol we know today, the Nittany Lion has etched its place in Penn State lore.

Birth of a Roar (1904-1907)

In 1904, Penn State’s baseball team faced Princeton, their fiercest rival. With Princeton flaunting the Tiger emblem, Penn State lacked a mascot—until third-baseman Harrison “Joe” Mason improvised. Mentioning the undefeated Nittany Mountain Lion, Mason unknowingly sparked the mascot’s genesis. Mason’s lobbying efforts gained traction in 1907, culminating in The Lemon, Penn State’s first humor magazine, where he advocated for adopting the “Old Nittany Mountain Lion” as the school’s symbol.

Old Coaly and the Taxidermic Guardian (1856-1890s)

Before the Nittany Lion, there was “Old Coaly”, Penn State’s unofficial mascot. Mason found inspiration in a taxidermic mountain lion, reportedly one of the last in Pennsylvania, displayed in Old Main. Shot in 1856 by Samuel Brush, the preserved specimen became a fixture, fueling Mason’s push for an official mascot.

The Lion Takes Center Stage (1908-1921)

True to Mason’s vision, a lion adorned the 1908 yearbook cover, initiating the Nittany Lion’s prominence. However, for 18 years, the depiction resembled an African lion. In 1921, a student, Richard Hoffman, donned the first costume during a football game. Despite the African-style portrayal, the Lion’s presence marked a turning point.

Dormancy and Resurrection (1923-1939)

Following Hoffman’s graduation, the Nittany Lion faded into dormancy for four years. Resurrected in 1939, The Daily Collegian collected funds for a new lion suit, transitioning it closer to the iconic appearance we recognize today. The legend endured despite occasional setbacks, symbolizing Penn State’s unwavering spirit.

The Exclusive Brotherhood (1939-Present)

Since its reappearance, only 54 students have had the honor of donning the Nittany Lion suit, forming an exclusive brotherhood. You can feel exclusive while playing online casinos – not ordinary, but with live dealers. This opportunity can be found on Casinoelarabs: poker,  live roulette, craps, and live blackjack, and in all of them online games are played through a live playing table managed by a real person known as the live dealer or table manager. From student initiatives to the spirited individuals who embraced the role of trying on the lion’s skin, the mascot became an integral part of Penn State’s identity, embodying pride, resilience, and tradition.

Happy Birthday!

As the Nittany Lion marks its 119th birthday, we salute the enduring symbol that embodies Penn State’s pride. Let’s collectively wag our ears in tribute to the mascot that roared its way into the hearts of the Penn State community, symbolizing the university’s spirit for over a century. Happy birthday, Nittany Lion!


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