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Editorial Process

  1. Content Ideation:
    • Morgan Chapman and Matt Thomas, along with the editorial team, brainstorm content ideas based on upcoming events, news, trends, and audience interests.
    • They prioritize topics that align with the website’s focus on Penn State athletics, especially news for football, wrestling, basketball, recruiting, transfer portal, and more.
  2. Assignment and Pitching:
    • Editors assign topics to individual writers or contributors based on their expertise and interests.
    • Writers may also pitch their ideas for approval, ensuring multiple viewpoints and depth in coverage.
  3. Research and Planning:
    • Assigned writers conduct thorough research on their topics, gathering relevant statistics, quotes, and background information.
    • They create a detailed outline or plan for their content, including key points, structure, and potential multimedia elements.
  4. Drafting:
    • Writers craft their initial drafts, paying attention to clarity, accuracy, and engaging storytelling.
    • They incorporate quotes, anecdotes, and analysis to provide unique insights and perspectives.
  5. Editorial Review – First Pass:
    • Managing Editors Morgan Chapman and Matt Thomas review the drafts for coherence, adherence to style guidelines, and overall quality.
    • He provides feedback on areas such as tone, structure, factual accuracy, and potential improvements.
  6. Revision and Refinement:
    • Based on feedback, writers revise their drafts, addressing any issues and incorporating suggested changes.
    • They ensure consistency in tone, style, and voice across the website’s content.
  7. Fact-Checking:
    • A dedicated fact-checking team verifies the accuracy of information, including statistics, quotes, and historical references.
    • Any discrepancies or errors are flagged for correction before publication.
  8. Editorial Review – Final Pass:
    • Morgan and Matt then conduct a final review of the content, focusing on its alignment with the website’s editorial vision and standards.
    • He ensures that the content reflects the latest developments and maintains the website’s credibility and reputation.
  9. Multimedia Integration:
    • The editorial team collaborates with multimedia specialists to enhance the content with photos, videos, infographics, and interactive elements.
    • They optimize multimedia assets for web and mobile platforms, ensuring seamless integration with the written content.
  10. SEO Optimization:
    • Content undergoes search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize its visibility and discoverability.
    • This includes keyword research, meta tags optimization, and strategic placement of relevant keywords within the content.
  11. Final Approval:
    • Morgan and Matt gives the final approval for publication, ensuring that the content meets the website’s editorial standards and audience expectations.
    • Approved content is scheduled for publication according to the editorial calendar.
  12. Publication and Promotion:
    • The content goes live on, accompanied by social media promotion to drive traffic and engagement.
    • The editorial team monitors audience feedback and analytics to gauge the content’s performance and inform future editorial decisions.
  13. Post-Publication Updates:
    • If necessary, the editorial team makes post-publication updates or corrections based on reader feedback or new developments.
    • They maintain transparency by clearly indicating any changes made to the published content.
  14. Archiving and Maintenance:
    • Published content is archived and organized for easy access and reference.
    • The editorial team conducts periodic audits to ensure the accuracy and relevance of archived content, updating or removing outdated information as needed.
  1. Policy on Artificial Intelligence (AI):
    • has a strict policy against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce articles or content.
    • While AI technologies can assist in various aspects of content creation, such as data analysis or language generation, the editorial team believes in the importance of human insight, creativity, and editorial judgment in crafting compelling and authentic stories.
    • Morgan and Matt, along with the editorial team, are committed to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the content published on
    • Therefore, the website has never utilized AI to produce articles, and it is a principle that will continue to guide its editorial practices in the future.

This multistep editorial process ensures that consistently delivers high-quality, accurate, and engaging content to its audience while upholding the website’s editorial standards and values.

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